Montana Tech Living & Learning Center

November 10, 2014

As currently envisioned the new Living & Learning Center will serve as a vibrant multidisciplinary building creating a new social hub on Montana Tech’s campus.  It will house one-hundred twenty-four students in a state-of-the-art resident hall with access to a variety of community lounges and learning spaces.  These spaces will be designed to create an environment that will foster leadership, teamwork, collaboration, and communication skills.  Additionally, they will connect the resident units to a recreation facility that will include a gym for intramural sports, a three story climbing wall and support spaces.  Above the gym and centered on the football field, ten private boxes each with seating for ten patrons will be provided.  Adjacent to the box seating a five hundred person ballroom/multi-use space with commercial kitchen are included.  A stair tower enclosed in a glass curtain wall will furnish access to the box seating and ballroom.  It will create dynamic views and build excitement as patrons walk to their seats to root for the Diggers!

The project will be made possible through philanthropic giving as well as traditional financing methods.

More images of the project can be found here.